Welcome to RoboGrads!  We are a graduate student organization that serves to represent the interests of graduate students who are involved in research labs in the Contextual Robotics Institute (CRI) at UC San Diego.  We also organize a variety of academic, social, and outreach events, shown on the calendar below along with robotics-related talks, proposals, and defenses.

Are you an MS / PhD Student or a Post-Doc working on robotics or robotics-related research at UC San Diego?
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Online Resources

Learn more about robotics at UC San Diego at the Contextual Robotics website.

Interested in applying to the graduate program at UC San Diego?  Start the application process here.

About RoboGrads

RoboGrads is run by a student-elected executive board.  To find out more about the roles of the executive board, the current board members, and contact information, see the Executive Board page.

The purpose of RoboGrads is to:

Some of our activites and events include:

  1. Represent the interests of the students participating in the Robotics PhD program (Robotics students)
  2. Provide a forum for Robotics students to discuss the progress and development of the program
  3. Promote the recruitment of new students and facilitate a smooth transition into the program
  4. Sponsor social events to engage Robotics students in a non-academic setting
  5. Disseminate accurate and up-to-date student-specific information about the program
  6. Liaise with other Robotics organizations to provide a relevant network for Robotics students
  7. Give opportunities for service in the community using principles learned in the program
  • Fall Orientation
  • Faculty/Student Mixers
  • Qualifying exams FAQ
  • Student Research Presentations
  • Monthly Student Socials
  • Soccer/Intramural sports
  • Holiday parties
  • RoboWomen Events
  • Outdoor Social Events
  • Robotics Cultural Enrichment
  • Faculty-Student Speed Advising Session

Suggestions, Questions, and Comments

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